Curation Principles

The following article is reflecting on our curating principles. Far from being god-like, curating is a very human affair; but the curator must not look at the person, but at the art. Or does he?

Janmaat - NO:ID Queen (detail)

Presented Artists

Presented artists are either:

  • guest arists: artists who have participated in a group show, or solo artists who are represented exclusively through other galleries;
  • emerging artists: new talent that we present in one of the premises we work with, or a group show, organising their debut in the art world, the first stage and a chance on becoming a a represented artist.

Represented Artists

Represented Artists are those who work more closely with the core team of NO:ID Gallery, in that they contribute to the overall proceedings oft the network.

A represented artist is a person who achieves commissions, sales, jobs etc. through the gallery, in turn having a core stake in the overall development.

Characteristics are solo shows, or a series of solo shows, participations in group shows, and further cooperation outside the exhibition frame work.

If you are interested in this, please let us know.

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