Fist Aide

2th - 12th September 2010


Mixed media show – Ink, Paint, UV light to create an environment that is a virtual tour of the inside of Mr.Aide’s head.

Mr.Aide will be exhibiting two types of work – both relating to his influences moods and desires.

Part One (Moods): Faces and Expressions

Part Two (Glow show): Desires, Influences

Mr. Aide - Four Face of Aide

Russian Artists

Group Show

Moscow - St. Petersburg - London

Cross-disciplinary Cultural Communication

5th - 8th June 2010

An exploration of geographical and technical modes and limits of expression.

e Oil by Stas Borodin

Jura Barikin (Moscow) Photography: 'Movement of Colour'. Photographs of
music & ballet.

Stas Borodin (St Petersburg) Painting: 'Landscape Studies'. Plein air
studies of London.

Pauline Hall

pauline hall

( 16th-19th July 2009 )

Norbert Tutsek

norbert tutsek

'Shades of the City'

Paintings in oil and acrylics

Prolongated! 24th June - 11th July 2010

Norbert Tutsek - Shades of the City No. 1

[online catalogue]

Michael Bucknell

Michael Bucknell

1st-4th October 2009

Painterly Materialism

Michael Bucknell: Painterly Materialism
Michael Bucknell, MA, AICA, IAF investigates
art-inspired perception of text, image and material through laserprint
and single pigments silk-screened and painted onto paper.
Opening to feature reading and coloured alcohol. A limited edition of
signed screen prints at £10.

Henry MacKeith

Henry MacKeith

3rd - 6th September 2009

Portraits of Cultural Events: Paintings, drawings and photographs of places and events of significance, including the G20 protests at Bank.

These paintings and photographs have been created during H.M.'s
participation in actions and political gatherings such as the G20 at
bank, and the Climate Camp in Blackheath, 2009. The photographs

Geraldine Swayne

geraldine swayne

( 23th-26th July 2009 )

Geraldine Swayne

Studied Fine Art in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In the late 1990's she won a Northern Arts Travel Award, and moved to New Orleans USA and then on to Languedoc in France for a year, where she was represented by Stanislaw Demidjuk.

Geraldine Swayne - untitled

Gera Urkom

gera urkom

' Denying Matisse ' featuring sculptural installation piece ' L'escargot Noir '

Gera Urkom (renowned Belgrade-born Painter/Conceptualist) continues his on-going intellectual debate with the history of painting as the Primary forum for the explication of complex meaning in the Post-Modernist 21st Century.

18th - 21st june 2009

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