In The Moment - Greta Pistaceci

A new version of the installation (with a greater variety of clocks and a new bed) will be shown at the Sound Arts Degree show at LCC (opening on Thursday 2nd of June at the LCC), so please come and have a listen if you are interested in experiencing the piece in the flesh, as well as taking in works by other graduating Sound Art students.


Jan Suchanek

jan suchanek aka jan maat - ' no:id ' - 4th-14th June 2009

An opening show about the concept and the space.

Screen prints on canvas

Janmaat at NOID gallery

This was the inaugural show for 31 Commercial Road.

Christina Mitrense

Christina Mitrense

Building My Library

13 August - 16th August 2009

Press release Christina Mitrense

Building My Library by Christina Mitrentse

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