Gudrun Sigridur Haraldsdottir

guðrún sigríður haraldsdóttir

'known not known'

2nd - 5th july 2009

Geraldine Swayne

geraldine swayne

( 23th-26th July 2009 )

Geraldine Swayne

Studied Fine Art in Newcastle upon Tyne.

In the late 1990's she won a Northern Arts Travel Award, and moved to New Orleans USA and then on to Languedoc in France for a year, where she was represented by Stanislaw Demidjuk.

Geraldine Swayne - untitled

Gera Urkom

gera urkom

' Denying Matisse ' featuring sculptural installation piece ' L'escargot Noir '

Gera Urkom (renowned Belgrade-born Painter/Conceptualist) continues his on-going intellectual debate with the history of painting as the Primary forum for the explication of complex meaning in the Post-Modernist 21st Century.

18th - 21st june 2009

Gavin Weston

Gavin Weston

8th-11th October 2009

' Staring at the face of my curator '

Gavin Weston at NOID gallery

Gavin Weston - NOID gallery London 2009

Gavin Weston - NOID gallery London 2009

Gavin Weston: I can see through you

Christina Mitrense

Christina Mitrense

Building My Library

13 August - 16th August 2009

Press release Christina Mitrense

Building My Library by Christina Mitrentse

Carole Suety

Carole Suety

6th-8th November 2009

carole suety at

Arantxa Alcubierre

Nov 11 - 21: Arantxa Alcubierre

Two hours before

There is not any most important moment for them during the day, but those minutes just before the show. Excitation, concentration, expectation. They are the Cuban National Circus.

Arantxa Alcubierre

Arantxa Alubierre is a London based photographer, working as a freelance between London and Spain. She combines her portrait and corporate photography with personal documentary projects.

Alexandra Valy

alexandra valy


25th - 28th june 2009

Drawing on the language of mythology, fairy tales, popular culture and everyday life, Alexandra Valy contrasts realistic and symbolic references in order to construct new meaning.


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