Pauline Hall

pauline hall

( 16th-19th July 2009 )

Norbert Tutsek

norbert tutsek

'Shades of the City'

Paintings in oil and acrylics

Prolongated! 24th June - 11th July 2010

Norbert Tutsek - Shades of the City No. 1

[online catalogue]

Ms L O'Riley

Ms L O'Riley

24th-27th September 2009


Michael Bucknell

Michael Bucknell

1st-4th October 2009

Painterly Materialism

Michael Bucknell: Painterly Materialism
Michael Bucknell, MA, AICA, IAF investigates
art-inspired perception of text, image and material through laserprint
and single pigments silk-screened and painted onto paper.
Opening to feature reading and coloured alcohol. A limited edition of
signed screen prints at £10.

Martin Lau

'Covered City'


Premiere: 13th - 23rd may 2010

Part of the exhibition will be on show at The Courtyard Theatre, Oct 4th - 31st 2010, as part of Photomonth.

Martin Lau - Covered City

Online catalogue

Ghosts of the future await the great unveiling.

Kate Kotcheff

Kate Kotcheff

(6th -9th August 2009)

(Part of Time Out First Thursdays)


Jonas Ranson

Jonas Ranson

Deus Ex Machina

20st August - 23rd August 2009

Press release Jonas Ranson

Jonas Ranson: Deus Ex Machina - Private View

Jayne Taylor

Jayne Taylor

12th-15th November 2009


3D stereoscopic portraits.


Show Invite / Flyer (.pdf)

Press Release (.doc)

Jan Suchanek

jan suchanek aka jan maat - ' no:id ' - 4th-14th June 2009

An opening show about the concept and the space.

Screen prints on canvas

Janmaat at NOID gallery

This was the inaugural show for 31 Commercial Road.

Henry MacKeith

Henry MacKeith

3rd - 6th September 2009

Portraits of Cultural Events: Paintings, drawings and photographs of places and events of significance, including the G20 protests at Bank.

These paintings and photographs have been created during H.M.'s
participation in actions and political gatherings such as the G20 at
bank, and the Climate Camp in Blackheath, 2009. The photographs

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