Paul Sibbering

I was born in England, but that does not mean anything when it comes to my art...  I am using materials that decay over time, such as iron, the process of change being part of the art work.


Paul Sibbering: Rusting Iron Circle. rusting iron on canvas. 107cm x 107cm

Paul Sibbering 1

Presented Artists

Presented artists are either:

  • guest arists: artists who have participated in a group show, or solo artists who are represented exclusively through other galleries;
  • emerging artists: new talent that we present in one of the premises we work with, or a group show, organising their debut in the art world, the first stage and a chance on becoming a a represented artist.

Represented Artists

Represented Artists are those who work more closely with the core team of NO:ID Gallery, in that they contribute to the overall proceedings oft the network.

A represented artist is a person who achieves commissions, sales, jobs etc. through the gallery, in turn having a core stake in the overall development.

Characteristics are solo shows, or a series of solo shows, participations in group shows, and further cooperation outside the exhibition frame work.

If you are interested in this, please let us know.

Juan Jose Bravo

Juan José Bravo

Internal Landscapes



Juan Jose Bravo - Internal Landscapes (cover image)

Thousands of ants frequently cover my body. Sometimes I feel I'm inhabited by rats. Other times a huge hole opens up inside me like an immense well where my whole life trickles like water then dries up. This work talks about this.

Steve Price

steve price

"Democracy 2.0"

( screen prints )

July 9th-12th

Steve Mallaghan

Steve Mallaghan


26th-29th November 2009

Site-specific mixed media works utilizing the NOID gallery space.
Steve Mallaghan has been curating exhibitions
for NOID gallery in 31 Commercial Road since June 2009. This is the
first show of his own works in this space.

Richard Webb

Richard Webb

15th-18th October 2009

Richard Webb presents Hyperkulturemia, an exhibition of photographic work and a publication exploring the manifestation and role of carnivalesque escapism in modern society.

Richard Webb: Hyperkulturemia

Richard Niman

Richard Niman

August 27th -30st

Richard Niman - Making the Incredible Believable

Reinhard Schleining

Reinhard Schleining

22nd-25th October 2009

Reinhard Schleining - Art Argos - NOID gallery

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