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Things are moving slowly here but I guess that's why we like it...  Seeking team members.  There are a couple of spaces available here to show in, but since nothing definite has been decided yet, the announcements will come later.  If you are interested to help build this Berlin-London link, please get in touch.

Past, Present, Future: What is Performance Art?

 by Theodor di Ricco / performance artist & Gallery SoToDo founder

Berlin May 2011 Walking into a room, removing a rubber ball from a pocket and bouncing it on the floor is performance art if the performance artist declares the action to be such. If an observer sitting in a lecture hall and watching someone dressed in yellow maneuver himself to a seat is performance art if the observer declares it to be such. Performance Art does not have a beginning or an end. It happens. It is time based and its ephemeral quality is it commodity. Performance Art is authentic and honest. Whether it takes place as spoken word, as a manifestation, an individual action, or even as a foolish activity, it has always occurred because of the need to communicate information on how to live. Art is a vehicle of communication.

Jan Suchanek

Jan was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied Literature and Economics in M√ľnster and Berlin, finishing with an MSc in the latter. He has been involved in various art projects throughout the years, being an organiser and an inventor. He started NO:ID Gallery in East London. He does not always wear glasses and a red top hat. He is currently after a PhD in Cultural Management. He lives with his partner and a double bass in Leamington Spa.

Here is his artist page.

Jan Suchanek

Curation Principles

The following article is reflecting on our curating principles. Far from being god-like, curating is a very human affair; but the curator must not look at the person, but at the art. Or does he?

Janmaat - NO:ID Queen (detail)


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