Where do you think you are going?

Sept 30 - October 10: Kairo Uza, Jeannette Petrik

Where do you think you are going? - photographic gaps

Petrik / Uza - Photographic Gaps, NO:ID Gallery, 2010 Flyer



Martin Bardell, Manuel Capurso, Jochen Klein, Richard Kolker and Gillian Vaux

28 October - 7 November 2010

Reduction features new work by five lens-based artists, seeking to
experimentally prune that which is potentially not required, as well as
explore the merits of a downsized group exhibition.

NO:ID Festival

NO:ID Festival was first held in 2010. Two full days and evenings / nights of events in Stoke Newington brought together artists from the NO:ID network, and created a truly exciting time.

NO:ID Festival flyer - front

Technologies of the Self

NO:ID Gallery is presenting this live art centered festival. The title refers to a term introduced by Michel Foucault.

The festival is headed by Annouchka Bayley.

Open submission to curators, venues, performers, fine artists.

Total Transparency 2010

Total Transparency was the theme of a large NO:ID group show at Ice Father Nation.

16 fine artists, and countless performance and music artists, have made this exhibition and series of events a truly remarkable and unforgettable event.

Transparency is a keyword just as important as identity - crucial for the 21st century.

Total Transparency 2010

A NO:ID Group Show at Ice Father Nation, 2010

Images, catalogue, back ground information and more!

October 28th - November 12th 2010


Art and identity are one and the same, or are they not? Identity is always changing, and art is creation.

NO:ID Gallery is promoting art projects that challenge the established, and give individuals and groups space to be themselves, express ideas, create meaning and communicate through art.

On these pages, you can find a range of ideas and projects (use the menu at the side). If you feel that you have another one, get in touch.

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