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NO:ID Gallery is proud to cooperate with Gallery150, Leamington Spa, in this group show. It is open submission until Feb 9th or until space filled. The exhibiton runs February 15th - 27th. The show is documented here.   Gallery150 is a great opportunity both for presenting your art work to a large network of artists and art lovers, and for direct sales since it is located in the heart of Regents Court Shopping Centre, in the middle of Leamington Spa.

Renewal 2

Bravo - Fox - Lau - Suchanek, Leamington Spa 2011

Juan José Bravo / Veronica Fox / Martin Lau / Jan Suchanek 9 Livery Street Regent Court Shopping Centre Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire, CV32 4NP Sculpture, painting, photography and print March 1st – 13st 2011, Gallery150, Leamington Spa curated by NO:ID Gallery private View: Monday February 28th (RSVP) JUAN-JOSÉ BRAVO, from Madrid, creates sculptures combining natural materials with perspex, resulting in works which combine the abstract with the concrete, and link the internal with the external. “Internal Landscapes” is the title of the series of works, for the first time on display here. VERONICA FOX, from London, creates abstract paintings on canvas, the resulting pictures inviting the beholder to a spectacular journey into perception and thought. MARTIN LAU, from London, is a photographer of Chinese heritage. His primary interest lies in the pictorial recreation of landscapes, stills reflecting moments of live, but still lives in their own right. JAN SUCHANEK, from Hamburg, is a conceptual artist, curator-presenter, and gallery manager for NO:ID Gallery. He is present in this show with one single piece, “NO:ID Queen”, which has become emblematic for NO:ID Gallery over the years.

Gallery150 Leamington Spa (launch event)

Rapid PopUp

Sunday March 7th 2010

31 Commercial Road

NO:ID Gallery started the season with a bang, that is: rapid pop up show,
only for one day. Artists were asked to bring art work and hang it up to discuss the future of art, and of NOID gallery.

Russian Artists

Group Show

Moscow - St. Petersburg - London

Cross-disciplinary Cultural Communication

5th - 8th June 2010

An exploration of geographical and technical modes and limits of expression.

e Oil by Stas Borodin

Jura Barikin (Moscow) Photography: 'Movement of Colour'. Photographs of
music & ballet.

Stas Borodin (St Petersburg) Painting: 'Landscape Studies'. Plein air
studies of London.


NO:ID gallery abroad:


July 9th - August 6th 2010: Druck Dealer, Hamburg

Square Eye

NOID group show - gallery artists.



7th October -31st November 2


A multi-media Group Show featuring:


Anarc-O-d'art and counter cultural ephemera from the poll tax riot to day
spiky potatoes on bus shelters ,and much more.

Opening Night: 7th October

Pikea - flyer: Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High St., London E1 7QX

Where do you think you are going?

Sept 30 - October 10: Kairo Uza, Jeannette Petrik

Where do you think you are going? - photographic gaps

Petrik / Uza - Photographic Gaps, NO:ID Gallery, 2010 Flyer



Martin Bardell, Manuel Capurso, Jochen Klein, Richard Kolker and Gillian Vaux

28 October - 7 November 2010

Reduction features new work by five lens-based artists, seeking to
experimentally prune that which is potentially not required, as well as
explore the merits of a downsized group exhibition.

Total Transparency 2010

Total Transparency was the theme of a large NO:ID group show at Ice Father Nation.

16 fine artists, and countless performance and music artists, have made this exhibition and series of events a truly remarkable and unforgettable event.

Transparency is a keyword just as important as identity - crucial for the 21st century.

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