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2011 Riots

Last night, thugs looted the phone shop above which the studio was located, and continued their way upstairs where items were burglared from Mr. B's flat.  He and his friend managed to chase some looters downstairs and shut the door between shop and flat, and had to keep this barricaded with the weight of their bodies against the door for about an hour while the mob menaced to kill them.  Police were nowhere to be seen.  The place is now secured but all equipment is being removed.  Another business has been destroyed. 


Newsletter April / May 2011

Hello again thanks for reading!

This email goes out as a quick reminder, and since there is so much to be mentioned, let me just direct your attention to where more details can be found (including links).

Forums on-line

So, as requested, there is now a forum section "DISCUSS" on this page.  We hope very much that it will be taken on-board, people.  Make it yours, fill it with live.


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NO:ID Gallery believes in the unity of all forms of art, time-based and fine art. Our events are bringing artists from all sides of the spectrum together.

All our artists and art forms question identity, as they establish meaning. On these pages, you find recent and up-coming projects from the whole range of music, dance, performance, theatre, puppeteering, live creation of painting and sculpture, and everthing in between.

Xanthous, at Total Transparency, 2010

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NO:ID Gallery is happy to disseminate our experience with the organisation of art shows, venue management, pricing of art, installation of art works, presentation of art, web publishing, and so on.

If you are interested to volunteer, please get in touch with a brief informal descriptions of the abilities you can offer, and the expectations you have on an internship / volunteering.


NO:ID gallery is artist-lead and independently funded, working on a not-for-profit basis (we wish we could!).

We are supporting the arts and if you wish to proud yourself on doing this as well, here is a really good way to do this.

Recommended Events

This newsletter goes out about every two weeks. It promotes underground art events mainly in East London, fine art, live music, and especially everything in between. There are currently over 5000 subscribers.


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