NO:ID Gallery

NO:ID Gallery 2005 - 2011

NO:ID Gallery was a creative hub and an art venue in East London, starting up in a former council housing office in Shoreditch, and enjoying a second incarnation in the entrance area of a private building in Whitechapel. The project ran between 2005 and 2011. During this time, we served as creative venue for both spacial and time-based art, fine artists, multi-media artists and avant-garde musicians with considerable success in terms of publicity and creativity.

31 Commercial Road - SUSPENDED

As by today, Sunday 21st 2010, we are sorry to announce that we can not exhibit in 31 Commercial Road any more.

The venue got flooded due to a leaking roof that had not been fixed for about a month or so. The water finally went into the floor boards which started to come of and started flowing into the electrics of the cafe's food storage underneath.

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