MEDEA by Annouchka Bayley Company

A re-working of Euripides' classic play, by Annouchka Bayley and Company.

When Medea, a foreign queen, learns that her husband, Jason, is abandoning her to marry the King's daughter, she sets down a road that leaves nothing unchanged.

A tale about foreignness, emancipation, passion, and politics.

A highly visual site-specific work, combining performance art with lyrical text.

Adam Urey - Aegeus

Shadow Stage UK

... so much more than just hand shadows and shadow puppetry.

Companies around the world have been developing contemporary shadow theatre techniques since the 1980s - long-standing production companies exist in the USA, Germany, Japan, Italy ... but not in the UK ... until now!

Founded in 2009, by Leon Conrad, ShadowStage Productions became the UK's first company specialising exclusively in contemporary shadow theatre productions and techniques.

Contemporary Shadow Theatre



NO:ID Gallery believes in the unity of all forms of art, time-based and fine art. Our events are bringing artists from all sides of the spectrum together.

All our artists and art forms question identity, as they establish meaning. On these pages, you find recent and up-coming projects from the whole range of music, dance, performance, theatre, puppeteering, live creation of painting and sculpture, and everthing in between.

Xanthous, at Total Transparency, 2010
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