Fist Aide

2th - 12th September 2010


Mixed media show – Ink, Paint, UV light to create an environment that is a virtual tour of the inside of Mr.Aide’s head.

Mr.Aide will be exhibiting two types of work – both relating to his influences moods and desires.

Part One (Moods): Faces and Expressions

Part Two (Glow show): Desires, Influences

Mr. Aide - Four Face of Aide

Jan Suchanek

Jan was born in Hamburg, Germany. He studied Literature and Economics in Münster and Berlin, finishing with an MSc in the latter. He has been involved in various art projects throughout the years, being an organiser and an inventor. He started NO:ID Gallery in East London. He does not always wear glasses and a red top hat. He is currently after a PhD in Cultural Management. He lives with his partner and a double bass in Leamington Spa.

Here is his artist page.

Jan Suchanek
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