Curation Principles

The following article is reflecting on our curating principles. Far from being god-like, curating is a very human affair; but the curator must not look at the person, but at the art. Or does he?

Janmaat - NO:ID Queen (detail)

Recommended Events

This newsletter goes out about every two weeks. It promotes underground art events mainly in East London, fine art, live music, and especially everything in between. There are currently over 5000 subscribers.



NO:ID Gallery has a strong focus on synesthesia, networking music artists with fine artists. Here is a non-comprehensive list of musicians and music project we work with. Please find more information on this branch of NO:ID Gallery on the Website for NO:ID Promotion.


NO:ID Festival

NO:ID Festival was first held in 2010. Two full days and evenings / nights of events in Stoke Newington brought together artists from the NO:ID network, and created a truly exciting time.

NO:ID Festival flyer - front

Trade Mark Issue

Some individual of a shady reputation in Whitechapel is trying to register "NO:ID" as a trade mark for his company (itself under the weired name of "repiblik london"). We disagree! We understand NO:ID to be under a GPL, that means, you can use it for non-commercial purposes, and if you want to use it commercially, you need our permission. Here's the story!

Total Transparency 2010

Total Transparency was the theme of a large NO:ID group show at Ice Father Nation.

16 fine artists, and countless performance and music artists, have made this exhibition and series of events a truly remarkable and unforgettable event.

Transparency is a keyword just as important as identity - crucial for the 21st century.


Art and identity are one and the same, or are they not? Identity is always changing, and art is creation.

NO:ID Gallery is promoting art projects that challenge the established, and give individuals and groups space to be themselves, express ideas, create meaning and communicate through art.

On these pages, you can find a range of ideas and projects (use the menu at the side). If you feel that you have another one, get in touch.


31 Commercial Road - SUSPENDED

As by today, Sunday 21st 2010, we are sorry to announce that we can not exhibit in 31 Commercial Road any more.

The venue got flooded due to a leaking roof that had not been fixed for about a month or so. The water finally went into the floor boards which started to come of and started flowing into the electrics of the cafe's food storage underneath.

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