In The Moment - Greta Pistaceci

A new version of the installation (with a greater variety of clocks and a new bed) will be shown at the Sound Arts Degree show at LCC (opening on Thursday 2nd of June at the LCC), so please come and have a listen if you are interested in experiencing the piece in the flesh, as well as taking in works by other graduating Sound Art students.


Subterfuge! Closing Down Party at Inn on the Green :(

Subterfuge! Inn on the Green soon to be RIP


Newsletter April / May 2011

Hello again thanks for reading!

This email goes out as a quick reminder, and since there is so much to be mentioned, let me just direct your attention to where more details can be found (including links).

The Tormorrow People

Elevator Gallery is on the lookout for the artistic talent of the future. We are inviting artists to submit proposals for our annual open exhibition 'The Tomorrow people' running from 29/7/2011 – 14/8/20111 Although there are no set criteria we encourage applications from early career artists whose work is transgressive, innovative and thought provoking.

Art Forms: Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Video Art, Sound Art, Installation, Live Art, Performance, Video, Intervention / Action, Experimental Film, Experimental Music.


The Fish and the Fury

Tuesday May 3rd, 7pm - late, The Others, 6 and 8 Manor Road, Stoke Newington, N16 5SA, London, United KingdomThe Fish and the Fury is a live music event celebrating Russian avant-garde, cultural differences, idiocy of everyday life, excessive eating and the strategies of self-improvement through the distorted and tinted glasses of an absurdist nightmare.Warning: the show may contain nutters, flashy images, loud noises and scenes you may find disturbing. Can't miss that!


Forums on-line

So, as requested, there is now a forum section "DISCUSS" on this page.  We hope very much that it will be taken on-board, people.  Make it yours, fill it with live.


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Recommended Events February - March 2011

Hello again thanks for reading!
Month of the antiques? Sophokles, Euripides. And some art shows.

Synesthesia: A Museum of Atonal Art. A Multi-Media-Exhibition

 Synesthesia: A Museum of A-tonal Art


A multi-media Exhibition


Register your artwor here:



International Performance Festival Berlin - "HUNGER"

HUNGER: International Performance Festival, May 7th until May 21st.


MEDEA by Annouchka Bayley Company

A re-working of Euripides' classic play, by Annouchka Bayley and Company.

When Medea, a foreign queen, learns that her husband, Jason, is abandoning her to marry the King's daughter, she sets down a road that leaves nothing unchanged.

A tale about foreignness, emancipation, passion, and politics.

A highly visual site-specific work, combining performance art with lyrical text.

Adam Urey - Aegeus
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