Where do you think you are going?

Sept 30 - October 10: Kairo Uza, Jeannette Petrik

Where do you think you are going? - photographic gaps

Petrik / Uza - Photographic Gaps, NO:ID Gallery, 2010 Flyer

Jeannette Petrik and Kairo
Uza explore the imaginary lives of the objects that surround us, and of the
people that appear equally object- like to us in our everyday encounters.
Drawing on this observation, they present a series of photographs that
challenge our intuitional causal thoughts by exposing their deep grounding
in prejudice.

Reflecting on this hegemony of pictorial representation, its
claim to truth so to say, they fill the gaps their photographic sequences
deliberately leave open through the ruthless narrative intervention of other

Jeannette Petrik / Kairo<br />

Petrik / Uza Photographic Gaps - NO:ID Gallery Flyer 2010


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