Subterfuge! Closing Down Party at Inn on the Green :(

Subterfuge! Inn on the Green soon to be RIP

Bank Holiday Sunday Special and Closing down party at Inn on the Green.That's right the council have got their wish to get rid of a wonderful community hub in West London catering for all sorts of people from many many backgrounds, ages and musical persuasions. The staff there are fantastic local heroes and will be very much missed.What's going to fill the gap? possibly a swanky wine bar which charges trumped... up prices for the hoi polloi...Well let's live for the moment - the past and future can take care of themselves... Subterfuge will be starting at 4pm with a luxurious line up as follows:- 

  • Pussycat & the Dirty Johnsons (Basingstoke's finest!)
  • Organ Donner (South London's dirtee-est)
  • Lonesome Cowboys from Hell (East London's strangest)
  • Pink Cigar (West London hot rocks best-est)
  • WANGÜLÉN live (infinitiest soundtrack)
  • a frayed knott (Brighton's unravel-est)
  • anarchistwood (the E the S the T - est)
  • performance from Elle Revel (possibly naked-est)
  • DJs PRNWhore & Max Quirk ( - record -cutter-est)
  • eye-candi - punkvert (most str-est)
  • Ex Gratia Recordings Merchandising Shop (value b-est)
  • celebrity door whores - Bonnie Baker & Alex Cawkvellian (sexi-est)

at your all time favourite West London venue

Inn on the Green

Ladbroke Grove3-5 Thorpe Close W10 5XLLondon, United Kingdom

from 4pm til about midnightsuggested donation £4