Newsletter April / May 2011

Hello again thanks for reading!

This email goes out as a quick reminder, and since there is so much to be mentioned, let me just direct your attention to where more details can be found (including links).

FIRST – that is from today, and for the next couple of days, there is Luxury Goods London Festival, this year brought to you by...  Well there are too many artists involved to mention them all, but an overview has been posted on  My pick this year is amazing performer and vocalist Lisa Dillan from Norway with her solo-performance – 'Arousal'; part of her world tour, she is famous from Schiphorst Avantgarde Festvial, and countless others.  All the other days – well the usual madness.  At the infamous Courtyard Theatre, Pitfield St, this Wednesday, 10:30.

SECOND – a really exciting night for those who love the weird, this is the first gig of Russian Avant-garde punk since the 1980ies – no, I am kidding, it is not, since there are no work permits for Russian performers...  So it will all be their Doppelgängers, using (entre outre) double bass, saxophone, marimba accordion and balalaika.  Night is called  The Fish and the Fury, a live music event celebrating Russian avant-garde, cultural differences, idiocy of everyday life, excessive eating and the strategies of self-improvement through the distorted and tinted glasses of an absurdist nightmare.  Warning: the show may contain nutters, flashy images, loud noises and scenes you may find disturbing. Can't miss that.  Featuring: Penny Metal (DJ) and Anarchistwood, plus some VERY special guests from East of the Iron Curtain presenting original Russian alco-folk and jazz-punk.

 THIRD, Hunger: fifth International Performance Art Festival, May 7th - 21st 2011, in Berlin. A unique art festival with workshops, labs and performances, it is among the most important platforms for performance art.  Over 100 Berlin and international artists will present themselves in a performance marathon. During the kick-off on May 14 and 15, it will be possible to see what constitutes performance art: spontaneous creativity, confrontation, experiments, in short: artists in real-time.  

FOURTH, Billy A. B. at the Elevator Gallery, Solo exhibition, 6 May- 28 May 2011; Private View 6 May 6:00-10.00 pm. Billy A.B. creates a world of childhood psychedelia, mutant geometry and mass produced foliage. Papier mache becomes digital debris. Appropriated images mingle invisibly with handmade drawings. Ersatz components are catalogued and screen-printed, then cut and pasted in giant sticker-book-like collages. The holo-deck is malfunctioning. Performances: 14th May 7.00pm,  The Drummers of Tedworth, a magical, medieval, musical troupe performing candlelit drumming ceremonies with handmade instruments and costumes; Daniel Swan, sci-fi-delic video involving bowel-melting visuals and hair- curling noise. 28th May 7.00pm, performances from Liam Wright Higgins / Julie Yip and Sam Rees:  the Metempsychonaut interactive video performance. Dare you don the Golem Helm? Sam Rees launches a new compilation comic/art book with contributors. Mother Studios, Queen's Yard, White Post Lane, 'Hackney Wick', London, E9 5EN; Opening Times: 12-pm- 6pm Thursday –Sunday.

FIFTH, Synesthesia: A Museum of A-Tonal Art.  The show has been postponed, so we are still collecting submissions, as it will be staged at a later date.  If you wish to participate, please submit a proposal.

SIXTH, Elevator Gallery is on the lookout for the artistic talent of the future, inviting artists to submit proposals for their annual open exhibition 'The Tomorrow people' running from 29/7/2011 – 14/8/2011.  Art Forms: Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Video Art, Sound Art, Installation, Live Art, Performance, Video, Intervention / Action, Experimental Film, Experimental Music.

SEVENTH, displays a bit more detail on all these things, such as websites, and gives you the chance to get in touch. And, of course, if you have something fabulous you wish to include here, please – well, I guess, the best way is to call me.

EIGHTS, we've just been offered a really good deal on digital music recording facilities in Elephant and Castle area and would like to pass the recommendation on, so if you are seeking for a very nice, chilled-out place to record your stuff... get in touch.

NINETH, just because sometimes people ask: yes, we still offer t-shirt and fine-art screen printing;  but we don't hold any more workshops.  And we're really cool in creating CMS driven websites – just look at

All the best, as usual!


NO:ID is a network of artists in East London, a gallery, and a question of identity, and is working equally with fine arts, performance arts, and musicians.