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Happy new year everyone – yes, NO:ID is a
bit late but here is why.

Identity, says Sloterdijk, is an excuse for
lazyness. Identity is something that
possesses us, rather than us possessing it.
Much better an on-going endeavour to
create and re-de-fine the self. NO:ID
Gallery is presenting non-identical art:
everything is unique. And everything is new
and constantly changing.

We are very happy about our new home in the
Midlands – Gallery150 is the name of the
venue. However, NO:ID Gallery as a name and
an undertaking continues. We are preparing
a couple of great show here and there.

The first is an open submission group show
here in Leamington Spa. Please have a look
at our website, and the one of that space.
This show allows everyone to submit a piece
of art for only 10 pound submission fee –
a great opportunity also for London based
artists, in my opinion, to present and
eventually sell their works.


The second one is a more specific NO:ID show
where we curate half the space there, Juan
Jose Bravo, Veronica Fox, Martin Lau, and
some more t.b.c. at the beginning of March.
Still some vacancies!

The third will be in May, and it will take
over the entire space, under the title
“Me, Myself, and I”. That fits in nicely
with the theme of identity, doesn't it?
Think about it now, details to submission
will follow.

Gig: Tomorrow Friday, January 28th, Inn on
the Green, Ladbroke Grove
, 3-5 Thorpe Close W10 5XL: Subterfuge. With
Inferno (Jan Maat, e-fretless bass, Billy
Smith, e-fiddle, Jo-Anne Cox, e-cello);
Anarchistwood; Suburban Mousewife; The
Electric Puffs. A great party to be expected
since it's Anarchistwood's drummers birthday
bash. Come queer.

Another Gig: 28 January, 07:30 - 10:30.
Tottenham Chances, 399 High Rd, N17 6QN.
Fuck off Batman (monosyllabolic free rock),
Nigel Burch (tbc), cupMT (free electro),
Xanthous of NO:ID fame (really amazing noise
performance), Stanley Bad (dj me thinks).

'Nother Gig: Robin Harris & His Only Friends
- Gypsy-Jazz Swing. 01 February, 19:00 -
23:00. Jamboree Venue. The Tuesday Manouche
Club presents. Some of London's best,
regularly performing jazz musicians,
featuring French chanteuse Tiffany
Schellenberg. The band is led by Robin
Harris and is playing a cocktail of oddities
for instruments and songs. Their conception
was inspired by a love of French music so
expect to hear some Gainsbourg, Piaf and
Brel. They play 2 sets this night. £3. 566
Cable Street, Cable Street Studios.

Exhibition: Contemporary Celebrity Art. 3rd
February. 18:00 - 22:00. Forman's
Smokehouse Gallery, Stour Road, Hackney
Wick. Explores the virtuous circle that
exists between celebrities, celebrity
photographers and artists, the media and the
insatiable appetite of the audience for
celebrity news, gossip and pictures.
“There’s no such thing as bad publicity
except your own obituary”. InfamE features
photographs, paintings, drawings, videos and
digital representations of musicians,
actors, sports stars, models and public
figures. Kofi Allen, Alan Chapman, Charlie
Pycraft, Paul Karslake Frsa, Marty Thornton,
Vitaliv, Teresa Witz.

Cabaret: Finger In The Pie Cabaret Showcase
- a 5th Year Celebration. 6th February at
18:30. Madame Jojo's, 8 – 10 Brewer
Street, London, W1F 0SE. Since launch it has
seen some of the biggest names in UK cabaret
grace the stage. Resident comperes Moonfish
Rhumba will be back to present a spectacular
line-up including: a homage The Hoff
courtesy of comedian Adam Oliver;
performance poetry from George Keeler; music
from celebrated chanteuse Misty Lee; the
comedy madness of Michelle Pompidoodoodoo
and Dr. Ana Esmith; contortion and dance
from performance artists Nomade; not to
mention burlesque from the beautiful Kitty
Devine, Aurora Galore, Ruby Jewel, Georgia
Honey, Miss Bruise Violet and Natalya
Umanska. And for anyone who wants to keep
the party going all night Finger in the Pie
cabaret guests are welcome to stay after the
show and enjoy the smooth and funky sounds
of Groove Sanctuary from 10pm till late.

Exhibition: The Wine Presses of Luvah.
Opening event, 5th February, 18:00 - 21:00.
Freedom Bookshop and Autonomy Club, Angel
Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street; London
E1 7QX. David Byers-Brown has updated the
dystopian imagery of a grasping, unspiritual
materialism of the world's snatch and grab
multi-national disaster, creating a
masterpiece, with Micalef's out of the
Blakean carnival of Chaos – tweaked for
the modern ear and eye. Bringing Blake's
profound message from 200 years ago to a
fresh audience, as radically urgent today as
it was then.


please check and comment!

Also: follow the

All the best, as usual!


NO:ID is a network of artists, and a
question of identity, working equally with
fine arts, performance arts, and musicians.

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