Martin Lau

'Covered City'


Premiere: 13th - 23rd may 2010

Part of the exhibition will be on show at The Courtyard Theatre, Oct 4th - 31st 2010, as part of Photomonth.

Martin Lau - Covered City

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Ghosts of the future await the great unveiling.

Walking amongst these strangely shrouded structures is like being up close to the clouds that seem to form shapes, but are really just a fleeting transition between two states. We catch a glimpse of a world that is a by-product of some other more purposeful process. What will we see when the veil slips off? Another eyesore, or something wonderful?

Private View: Thursday 13th May

with electroacoustic soundscapes from Cos Chapman of Rude Mechanicals fame, and Isnaj Dui. There will be an after-party upstairs at The Castle pub over the road from the gallery including a secret guest.

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Closing night: Sunday 23rd May

featuring vintage synth wizardry from Ring Mod Orkestra (aka Tim Flitcroft, of Lonesome Cowboys from Hell) at the after-party and chilled DJ sets from Peter Makinde, plus special guests.

martin lau

'The Menagerie Part 1: The Hermit and The Sleeping Beast'


October 14t - 24th 2010

Part of Photomonth.

[Documentation / Catalgoue here]

Intimate portraits of behemoths. This one returns to the earth. This one shapes it
with a roar.

Martin Lau - Hermit

Martin Lau - Beast

[Documentation / Catalgoue here]

This show comprises the first two installments of the ongoing series The Menagerie.

Martin has been fascinated by industrial vehicles such as the ones featured here for as long as he can remember. They are undoubtedly impressive in terms of engineering ingenuity, but he has been drawn to them by their aesthetic as much as by their technical qualities.

On the one hand they are 'purely' utilitarian objects, but by virtue of the
complex and exposed nature of their working parts, they take on an almost Baroque
intricacy at times. It’s because of his deeply felt personal response to these
machines that Martin considers these photographs to be intimate portraits.

Martin Lau was born at an early age in Oxfordshire, England, and grew up and is based in London. He works in film and photography, but uses whatever form is appropriate for conveying a given subjective experience. The photography frequently focuses on the man-made landscape around us, particularly forms arising as a by-product of function. The films tend to have a surreal, or hyper-real approach to what it’s like to alive and human. This is Martin’s second solo exhibition of work, following on from the urban landscape series Covered City, which also premiered at the NO:ID Gallery.

The private view on Oct 14th features sonic interpretations of The Hermit and The Sleeping Beast by Cos Chapman (of Rude Mechanicals) and Isnaj Dui (on Fbox Recordsrespectively, on a variety of electric and acoustic instruments.

Here you can download Cos' personal statement.