Jan Suchanek

jan suchanek aka jan maat - ' no:id ' - 4th-14th June 2009

An opening show about the concept and the space.

Screen prints on canvas

Janmaat at NOID gallery

This was the inaugural show for 31 Commercial Road.

Guantanamo - Take a Holiday !

Concept: Janmaat / Performances: Annouchka Bayley, Jo Wonder, Helen Bayer, Natalia Fernández Valente, Michael Bucknall, Renata de Oliveira, Mark Hammond, Kashim Abdul & Fadi.

10th-13th September 2009

Installation / Performance

The gallery space transformed into a travel agency offering journeys to places where human rights take a holiday. Featuring water boarding device, real muslims chained to the railings, convincing sales persons, and much more.

In the midst of the summer, we are enjoying the freedom of movement, travelling abroad, enjoying sunshine and leisure activities. This freedom is not enjoyed by political prisoners all over the world, who are held in breach of human rights and tortured.

Both the attacks in New York in September 2001 and the subsequent invasion of large parts of central Asia have also been media events, set in scene as a world wide spectacle. Little has changed: neither has the collapse of the World Trade Centre been investigated, nor has the detention centre in Guantanamo Bay been closed. Despite promises made in the last US election, the practise of illegal retention, secret prisons and torture has not been ended.

Overseas holidays are brining hard currency to countries that violate human rights. Little do we care for what is happening in prisons just next to where we enjoy our relaxation. This special group show at NO:ID gallery aims to recall how close the luxury of holidays, and the mistreatment of often innocent prisoners are.

Guantanamo holiday packages (pdf)

London Guantanamo Campaign

Press release (PDF)