Henry MacKeith

Henry MacKeith

3rd - 6th September 2009

Portraits of Cultural Events: Paintings, drawings and photographs of places and events of significance, including the G20 protests at Bank.

These paintings and photographs have been created during H.M.'s
participation in actions and political gatherings such as the G20 at
bank, and the Climate Camp in Blackheath, 2009. The photographs
have been exposed using a tent pin hole camera technique.

A time where media are grossly selective, where and photographing
police officers is criminalised, leans itself to the re-discovery of
impressionist agendas and techniques. The paintings and photographs
of H.M. re-contextualise what was public spectacles into a private view
(but outside the salon).

Henry MacKeith: Press Release

As part of Time Out First Thursdays, in cooperation with the Whitechapel Gallery.