Gudrun Sigridur Haraldsdottir

guðrún sigríður haraldsdóttir

'known not known'

2nd - 5th july 2009

Guðrún Sigríður Haraldsdóttir is a multidisciplinary artist and designer; born in Iceland and currently based in London. She creates scalable, multi sensual, site-specific, public and private art pieces, installations and designs; - either from client's briefs or self generated.

Primary concerns within Guðrún´s art work are memories and perceptions, spanning from the personal to the universal and examination of our various ways of coping and making sense of our existence. Her work often has an element of history or storytelling. The site specific installations often respond to the history of the site and explore the idea of what 'site specific memories' might still linger in the air or be embedded in the fabric of the site. Where as the smaller pieces tend to examine the more personal memories, emotions and state of mind; - occasionally drawing on her own experiences, but more often concerned with the collective passing down of patterns of behaviour, traditions and folklore.

In 'known not known' at NO:ID gallery Guðrún exhibits works created during a residency earlier this year, at Breiðdalssetur, a museum on the east coast of Iceland. This body of work is based on an album of early 20th century photographs found at a remote farm nearby and examines the idea of identification and reliability of information. What is identification and who is it for? how and what do we read into information left to us by our ancestors?

The images are digitally printed and embedded in a translucent skin like flakes.
Some linger in the air as unclear, ambiguous memories of people from times long gone and others framed, focusing and examining the information left through the methods and materials of the period.

Guðrún Sigríður Haraldsdóttir

3rd - 6th December 2009

i:identify is a personal exploration of the reliability of our reality and belief in a photo-sculptural installation.

Gudrun Haraldsdottir NOID gallery

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