New to this system, building a page? Read this!

Hello, and a warm welcome to this site!

Now that you are an authenticated user, you can create content. Wonderful!

You should already know what content you want to bring to the site, and have a text and some images ready.

Start with uploading the image(s). Please name them like this: "Artist - Title". Then, in the block under the image, put "Artist - Title - medium - size".

Once all the images you need are up, create a story or a page. There is not much difference between them; a page, however, is supposed to be more static, while a story appears on the front page and allows comments.

When creating your story / page, fill in all the required fields, and click on "image attach" and select your uploaded images (or some of the images already on the system).

Make sure to click on "save".

You can edit your content afterwards at any time.

For pages to appear in the menu, please contact the admin of the site.

Have fun!!