Total Transparency 2010

A NO:ID Group Show at Ice Father Nation, 2010

Images, catalogue, back ground information and more!

October 28th - November 12th 2010

1 Calum F. Kerr: The Sensory Registrar. inkjet print on Foamex. 42cm x 42cm
2 Charlotte Colvert: 3 Head. pencil on paper. 60cm x 45cm
3 David Porter: 6 of 7. acrylic on canvas. 77cm x 153cm; 4 David Porter: 101. acrylic on canvas. 40cm x 100cm; 5 David Porter: wave. acrylic on canvas. 77cm x 51cm
6 Dominic Madden: Israeli Soldier. mixed media on fabric. 122cm x 122cm
7 Dominic Madden: untitled (transparency). mixed media on fabric. 92cm x 183cm
8 Gavin Weston: I can see through you. mixed media. 16cm x 21cm
9 Geraldine Swayne: untitled. oil on canvas. 183cm x 183cm. Solo show at NO:ID Gallery 2009
10 Jan Maat: NO:ID. screen print on canvas. 105cm x 135cm. Solo shows at NO:ID Gallery 2009 and 2010
11 Jason Gibilaro: Big Brother 2 (Duck Pond). acrylic on canvas. 118cm x 153cm. Solo show at NO:ID Gallery 2009
12 Jo Colvert: Fear. acrylic on canvas. 50cm x 36cm
13 Jo Wonder: Dead Tiger At Zippo's Circus. oil on canvas. 50cm x 100cm
14 Juan José Bravo: Pregnant Nature. soil, stones, picture, Plexiglas. 35cm x 100cm x 10cm. Solo show at NO:ID Gallery December 2010
15 Marco: Filthy Met
16 Mark Hammond: Cave Rave. oil on canvas, concrete, antlers, UV tube. 110cm x 120cm
17 Martin Lau: ...and this is me (CENSORED). x-ray transparency, clothing. 38cm x 48cm. Solo shows at NO:ID Gallery 2009 and 2010
18 Natalia Trossero: Sexscapes. digital artwork plotted on satin paper. 840cm x 73cm
19 Noilin O'Kelly: untitled. photographs in light boxes. a2
20 Paul Sakoilsky: Blow Up a 2 (Parents Drown). acrylic on heavy gauge fabrian . 180cm x 150cm
21 Paul Sibbering: Rusting Iron Circle. rusting iron on canvas. 107cm x 107cm
22 Richard Niman: A Man for All Seasons . chair, head, umbrella, cloud. 150cm x 56cm x 48cm. Solo show at NO:ID Gallery 2009
23 Sooz Belnavis: Buy one get one free. mixed media. 118cm x 117cm (off)
24 Sooz Belnavis: Buy one get one free. mixed media. 118cm x 117cm (on)
24 Sooz Belnavis: Cultured Hair. mixed media on canvas. 61cm x 61cm

Inferno - Jan Suchanek on double bass

Location: ICE FATHER NATION, 33-35 Commercial Road

Artists: Calum F. Kerr, Charlotte Colvert, David Porter, Dominc Madden, Gavin Weston, Geraldine Swayne, Jan Suchanek, Jason Gibilaro, Jo Colvert, Jo Wonder, Juan José Bravo, Marc Vaulbert de Chantiliy, Mark Hammond, Martin Lau, Natalia Trossero, Noilin O'Kelly, Paul Sakoilsky, Paul Sibbering, Richard Niman, Sooz Belnavis; et al.

Richard Niman in conversation with Gilles Abbot

A comprehensive list of the participating artists and their works can be found here.

Total Transparency Show 2010, Private View


Free mangos on the private view

Events during the show:

Thur October 28th 6-9 - Private View

Artoff by Adrian Williams

Featuring: Xanthous (experimental sound duo) / Popadom / Inferno (violin, cello, double bass sound performance) / Vibe Machine UK (five piece hiphop with fender rhodes double bass and massive beats)

Total Transparency at NO:ID Gallery - Xanthous - 2010

Sun October 31st: Halloween in Whitechapel


Lonesome Cowboys from Hell psychocountry, country jazz, or cowboy punk?,

Kitty Junkbrother - songs and more

Rex Nemo and the Psychic Self Defenders - incomparable authoritarian post-punk with that special arty twist,

Elle Revel - burlesque and a bit different

Spiritwo your ears won't forget!

Thur November 4th 6-9 - First Thursday November

Mark McGowan: Performance, 7:30pm.

Mark McGowan and Camberwell College students: FUCK ART and Fuck Camberwell College of Art

Plus additional performances from: Marco, Rex Nemo and the Psychic Self Defenders, and experimental music by Natalia Kamina.

Fri November 12th - 6-9 Finissage


A Band experimental music ensemlbe / Anarchistwood is it queer punk? / Mekano Set - The Mekano Set's sounds are made almost entirely from sweet-wrappers, mirrors, bird cages and antique machinery.

Mark Hammond - Cave Rave